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Customer Empathy Mapping

Customer Empathy Mapping Identifying who your customers are is crucial for your business, however it’s just the first step. Thinking solely in market segments and demographics only gives you half the story.  For successful design and marketing strategy you need to be able to resonate with your audiences across their entire customer journey.  This is increasingly important as… Read more »

Top 10 Tips for Good Stakeholder Management

Top 10 Tips for Good Stakeholder Management We’ve all been there; a project that does not go anywhere post-launch. Not because of bad design or outputs but simply because people just aren’t interested or have switched off due to bad stakeholder management. Too many marketers/entrepreneurs/communications teams hare off with their plans, ignoring the “naysayers” and… Read more »

Why UX Design?

Why UX Design? User Experience Design, or UX Design for short, is popular at the moment, and for a reason. In its simplest form UX Design is to tailor your design to the user. Most people will have experience with using good and bad designs, be that in the form of websites, apps or even… Read more »