Which were the most visited UK sites in October 2018?

Comscore has released the top 20 Multi-Platform Properties (Desktop and Mobile) for October 2018.   See which are the most popular sites being visited in the UK.
After people searching on Google, the BBC sites are still a major player in the browsing habits of the UK population – outranking Facebook, albeit only just.  Big players such as Microsoft and Amazon held their own in popularity.  The Reach Group, owner of titles such as The Mirror and The Star, showed the popularity of red top vs. more broadsheet news platforms, but was quickly followed by Sky and Daily Mail platforms, as well Oath – holding company of the likes of Yahoo and tumblr.
The rest of the Top 20 shows a substantial proportion of social, news and reference sites, with two stand-out individual sites of Apple and TripAdvisor.
# Property Total Unique Visitors/Viewers (000) % Reach
1 Google Sites 47,614 97.2
2 BBC Sites 42,720 87.2
3 Facebook 42,554 86.9
18 TripAdvisor Inc. 24,635 50.3
19 Snapchat, Inc 23,557 48.1
20 Telegraph Media Group 21,511 43.9