2018 Web Design Trends

Web design trends can sometimes get a bad name, because no designer wants to be known for just doing what someone else did, but if we look at these 2018 web design trends, as a starting point, designers can use their natural talents to create something special.

If you’re still unsure about taking these concepts as an influence, remember…

“great artists steal" – Picasso

Double Exposure

This has been around for a while now, photographers have been doing this for years, but in terms of 2018 web design trends, we will see a big rise in the double exposure technique. Creating amazing visuals from a pretty simple technique, that predates the arrival of the computer!

2018 web design trends - showing double exposure
2018 web design trends - double exposure technique
2018 web design trends that use double exposure

Duotone Double Exposure

Duotone grew in popularity in 2017 and Duotone Double Exposure is an extension of this and is making a huge appearance in 2018 web design trends. Mixing these two techniques creates a vibrant mix of images to create a truly stunning visual.

2018 web design trends - duotone example
2018 web design trends - duotone example that can be used
2018 web design trends that use duotone


There’s a few of us on the CX Team who are already in love with these concepts… Cinemagraphs are becoming a great alternative to the standard static image. A mix of video and photography, they show very short and simple animation that becomes a living image.

2018 web design trends

Bold Type

The bigger the better. Designers are now using huge typography to make a huge impact.

2018 web design trends
2018 web design trends bold typeface

Real Photography

Photography that looks and feels real is one of the biggest 2018 web design trends. You can only achieve this with authentic photography, that is real for a brand. Staged stock photography, you know the ones, smiley accountants shaking hands, is going to be a thing of the past.

2018 web design trends - photography example
2018 web design trends - second photography example
2018 web design trends final image example of the trends

2018 looks like it’s going to be an exciting time for design. Are you looking to go into 2018 with a fresh look? Then why not get in touch?

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