Our top takeaways from SearchLeeds

Last month team CX took a little field trip to SearchLeeds 2019 SEO Conference.  As the largest annual gathering of search marketers in the North of England we knew we’d get some brilliant insights into what’s going on in the world of search – and we weren’t disappointed.

Here are a few of our top takeaways…

  1. Collaboration between paid and organic search teams still isn’t happening enough – Stickyeye’s Sarah Barker hammered home the importance of combining organic and paid strategies to maximise results and return ROI. Just keeping an eye on who’s doing what with those brand terms can reduce media spend while maintaining CTR, meaning additional spend for SEO and longer-term success.
  2. Featured snippets are still worth fighting for – We absolutely loved Emily Potter’s talk about her personal battle with Google to own the featured snippets space and what her research shows us about how effective they really are. The answer? They’re still worth the effort if you have a high-ranking page in SERPs.
  3. Not even Google is immune to changing customer needs – We got an exciting insight into how Internet juggernauts Amazon and Google are competing to own the transactional intent segment. It’s easy to think Google is invincible to any challenge but with Amazon now in the arena as an ecommerce search engine, the competition is hotting up. As always, we firmly believe you can’t go wrong when you focus on the CX – and we can’t wait to see how Google responds with its onslaught of new Adwords products and homepage changes this year and next.

2019 SEO is a huge year for search

We are happily buzzing around with Google Betas and new products and options to play with.  This event just got us even more excited about what we’re going to be able to do for clients in 2019 and we left Leeds full of inspiration and new ideas.

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