TASS celebrates 15 years with a shiny new microsite

We’re excited to share a shiny new website we built for our client TASS to celebrate its 15th anniversary of helping athletes pursue their goals.

TASS (Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme) is a Sport England-funded initiative that supports promising young athletes through their education and sporting careers.

Since 2004, TASS has worked with the likes of five-time Paralympic swimming champion Ellie Simmonds OBE, Winter Olympian Shelley Rudman and England beach volleyball player Chris Gregory. 

The programme offers financial support for education, training camps and other expenses that help athletes to pursue dual careers while continuing their training. The ability to train for a secondary career is essential for many athletes as it gives them viable opportunities to transition into after they retire from sport.

TASS receives its funding from organisations such as Sport Aid and the National Lottery – so it’s important it is able to demonstrate its ongoing success to allow this funding to continue.

We’ve worked with the TASS team to rebuild its main website so when they needed a new microsite celebrating 15 years of success, they knew we’d be able to deliver.

We designed a user-friendly site that showcased the fantastic work TASS has done since 2004, featuring athlete and university case studies, sport profiles and an interactive timeline.