When to redesign your website

It’s hard to know when you need a fresh take on your website. We specialise in web design Sunderland Tyne and Wear and we have a passion for giving our customers a brand new look for their website. As this is most likely the first point of contact for your potential customers and if it’s not a great experience you will most likely alienate them and turn them away from your business or product. But when is the right time to redesign your site? Well to help you figure this out we have come up with a few questions for you to answer and to discuss your web design Sunderland Tyne and Wear further, contact us for a free consultation.

Is your site responsive?

There’s no getting away from this one. If your site is not responsive it needs a redesign…….and soon! When you consider that 80% of internet users now own a smartphone, that’s a lot of people that could be viewing your website and having a terrible experience. It’s now become a simple matter of fact. You need a responsive website.

Does your site have a clear goal?

Often times this is the most overlooked aspect of a website. You have your site complete with contact details and that’s it. But that’s not what your potential customers want! You need to understand exactly what your customers are looking for when they appear on your website. Are they interested in learning about the product or service that you are offering? Are they looking for a quote for services? Are they simply looking for a contact number to get in touch but yours is buried deep within the site when it should be one of the first thing a visitor sees? Once you know the goal of your site you will know whether you are achieving this goal. If not, then yeah, it’s time for a redesign!

Do you stand out against the completion?

Is your site better than the rest? Does your site achieve what your competitors are failing to do. Simply put is your site better? It should be! Remember, your website is the first point of contact for potential customers. This is true of the completion too, and if you don’t stand out someone else will!

Is your site easy to use?

In our world we like to call this ‘The User Experience”. To put it in clearer terms, is your site a pleasant experience where everything the customer wants is easy to find and clear, or is your site a pain where they have to spend too long looking for the information, giving up and moving on. You only have a few seconds to turn a visitor into a user with your site, so it better be a great site to do this!

In order to know if your site needs a redesign try to look at it from a customer’s point of view. Do some research for something you’re interested in and take a look at how many sites you find that either give you a great user experience or a terrible one. Look at these sites and try to answer the questions above to see if you think these sites need a redesign. Then, with fresh eyes take another look at your site and ask yourself the same questions.

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