Employer Branding

“Why do I keep losing staff?”

The truth is, tackling staff turnover starts with the company, not the employees.

A lot of businesses don’t know what they stand for as an employer – and don’t realise that they need to treat their offering as a brand. It makes sense, doesn’t it? You need people to buy into your employer brand just as much as your product, and a brand strategy is essential for doing that.

In our experience, mismatching values is the main reason employees leave. Understanding what your employer value proposition is will help you hire people who share your values. But how do you create an effective employer brand strategy that matches your values and helps you recruit and retain the right people? That’s where an employer branding agency can help.

External help is essential for seeing your brand through objective eyes. We can help you discover who you are as an employer brand and use it to define and identity you can use.

The candidate landscape has changed – it’s time to change with it.

As we shift further away from “traditional” working environments, to a world where flexible and home working become the norm, employers increasingly need to look at how they foster the sense of belonging and direction employees need.


Candidate experience mapping

Candidate experience mapping is your number one tool for understanding what your business is doing right or wrong in your recruitment process – and how a candidate is going to respond to your recruitment strategy.


“The team at CX think not only on a tactical campaign level, but also for the longer-term, strategic goals we have as a large, local employer. They are highly focused on creating a relevant and impactful employer brand for the business in the work that they deliver.”

― Luke Lyons, Senior HR Controller, Nissan UK

Recruitment advertising

We’ve placed recruitment advertising campaigns for small employers on tiny budgets costing just £100, to huge campaigns costing hundreds of thousands of pounds. No matter your budget, we’ll help you find fresh ideas and use clever targeting to maximise every single penny.