Our clients love the design stage. This is when the project often comes to life for them. Whether we are building you a new website, or designing your whole customer experience, we are always driven through insight.  It is one of the most critical stages and, as your user experience design agency in Sunderland, it is our job to ensure that your designs mirror the user goals and behaviour that we have defined during research and strategy stages. Whether we are building you a new website, or designing your whole customer experience, we are always driven through insight.

Often, we don’t wait until all the research has been done to start designing – our designers and developers are involved from the start and can develop design concepts and ideas along the way to share with clients and their customers at even the earliest stages. We don’t mind feedback – it’s what makes great design! We often combine usability testing with our user experience design stages to ensure that small mistakes are rectified early in the design process and not at the later, more costly stages.

Typically we will move through a set series of stages when carrying out a user experience design project.


Most fundamental is that your design is built in a way that reflects your user needs. The User Experience design stage is about making sure that what we build “makes sense” to the people using it.

We move through agile, iterative stages of design that begin with basic workflows and wireframes and work collaboratively with the whole team for cohesive input and to build understanding between teams for the later stages.

Later, we will progress to higher fidelity prototypes and visually stunning designs, often combining each stage with usability testing. As an experienced UX design agency in Sunderland, we can offer you Core UX techniques such as:


It is crucial that the development team is involved throughout the entire design stage, as the point where they must take over and interpret the design can be critical to the final experience. Even small mistakes at this stage can impact on the end experience and prove costly to fix.

Our developers turn the static design concepts into real life digital solutions – an actual website that can be clicked to the user’s heart’s content.

Depending on requirements, the site can be made available to you at this stage to start adding content – we always build in a final design and development iteration stage at this point, as the loading of content can highlight minor tweaks that need to be made.

Finally, your site will be made live to the world – we provide hosting options if required and can manage the transfer process should you be changing providers.


Often combined together, visual & interaction design are basically the more aesthetic stages of your design.

Visual design is more concerned by the look and appearance of the design (e.g. colours), whereas interaction design is more focused on the appearance of the controls and mechanisms (e.g. drop-down menu or radio buttons?)

At this stage we realise elegant designs, incorporating brand guidelines and visual preferences. Initially we will present static concepts for your approval but can also implement interactive HTML prototypes depending on the scale and budget of the project. We can even try designs out on your users before development begins – just some of our areas of experience as your UX design agency in Sunderland.