It’s crucial to test designs at every stage of the project. We incorporate “usability events” as part of our research and design process, where we will validate important aspects from IA through to visual design to real prototypes that we can take out into the field.

We use select partners with comfortable viewing facilities where lab testing is required and we routinely conduct research across the huge range of devices and browsers which have proliferated in recent years to ensure that we are testing appropriately for today’s world. Feedback is incorporated into design iterations and through this cyclical process we are able to deliver truly outstanding customer experiences.

Regardless of budget, there are numerous usability testing methods that we can use. We handle everything from participant recruitment to testing facilities and equipment. All results are professionally collated and presented in straight-talking, easy-to-understand formats that you are able to share with project stakeholders.


Using both think aloud and/or probing methods, we can moderate sessions to provide accurate reports of usability of your designs.

We work with select partners with excellent viewing facilities and love our clients to come and watch the testing take place. Alternatively we can record sessions and incorporate into reporting. We can also arrange heat-mapping, eye-tracking and click analytics through our select software and agency partners.


Where lab testing is not possible or a greater number of participants is required, we can organise for remote usability testing using our software partners.

These sessions can be moderated or unmoderated and we will collate and analyse results to report back to you.


Sometimes, a pen and paper is all you need.

We can sketch out your designs and present these as paper prototypes to your users, asking them to indicate where they would click next on that “page” according to the completion of specific tasks. It’s amazing what this test can reveal!


We can implement this testing either on existing, live sites to provide results for design iterations and tweaks or we can incorporate this into our standard usability testing, depending on your project requirements!


We can even take prototypes and working designs out into the real user’s world and present them in context to your target audiences.

Imagine your users in the relaxed surroundings of a café, able to give feedback on your social media account? Our experienced UX research team are able to select and target/hunt down appropriate participants and ensure all legal permissions are covered.


These are quick and dirty tests that can be done in lab or remotely. They both involve instantaneous results of how well your users can understand and navigate your design.


For either existing solutions or design prototypes, we can perform a widely-recognised heuristic evaluation, which analyses your design usability against 10 categorised areas.

This can be either with UX experts, used to carrying out this type of evaluation, or with your industry experts or users, whom we will deliver a full briefing and training.