Why UX Design?

User Experience Design, or UX Design for short, is popular at the moment, and for a reason.

In its simplest form UX Design is to tailor your design to the user. Most people will have experience with using good and bad designs, be that in the form of websites, apps or even software. You will know for yourself which of these have been pleasant to use and which have left you pulling your hair out.

Design doesn’t mean what it looks like.

But UX Design can’t be mistaken for what the website looks like. It is all about the experience. This comes in the form of how the website is used and whether this is a positive experience or not. If we take a website and remove all colours and branding the website should still be just as positive an experience.

UX is a broad term and does not just confine itself with how a page looks but also the whole experience of the platform. This can include how easy it is for a user to find the information they need. Is the process of ordering a product online a simple task of like a dog chasing its tail?


Don’t make us think.

So why is UX so important? Because we all have a short attention span, even more so today when we have more distractions than ever before. If your website is not tailored to ensure that the user gets the ease of use they expect we know that they will close the tab and find a competitor that will give them this. In fact they will do this within the first few seconds of landing on your site.


If you are interested in hearing how we can work with you to ensure that you are giving your users the best possible experience then please get in touch.