• Local Business or PlaceThis is for bricks-and-mortar businesses – think coffee shops, leisure centres, riding schools. If you have a local, open-to-the-public type of operation, where actual people cross over your threshold, then this is the option for you friend.

    When you click this option, you will see a drop-down menu with lots of options for business category types. If you really can’t find one among what’s on offer, then you can just go generic and pick “local business."  Here you also get to enter things like hours of operation, parking options, and price ranges.

  • Company, Organization, or Institution:  This option is for operations that aren’t really open to the public like the local business pages.  Lots of the categories are the same, but things like parking and prices etc. aren’t there.  If you are an online only retailer, a charity or an HQ type business operation, then this may be the right option for you.

  • Brand or ProductIf you sell a product or brand that is sold in various outlets, then this option is a good one for you and there are loads of categories to choose from.

  • Artist, Band or Public FigureWell, no explanation necessary on this one we feel.

  • EntertainmentIf you have a TV show or a magazine, are creating a page for your latest album or have a sports team, then Facebook seems to think that this is the option for you.  Our jury is still out on this category.  Seems like lots of oddball options have been added to the world of “entertainment!"

  • Cause or CommunityDon’t make the obvious error in picking this option if you are a nonprofit or community organisation.  Oh no friend, Facebook has entitled this “cause or community" to merely befuddle you!  If you are the next Martin Luther King however, then crack on, because this is your worldwide platform to your future online supporters.