Nissan Wall Designs

New Recruitment Centre design for Nissan

Nissan takes their recruitment seriously and wanted to create an environment for candidates that reflected that.  

An investment in a state-of-the-art recruitment centre took place in November 2017 and the North East employer really wanted to make a strong statement about innovation and future growth within the Nissan brand.

CX Marketing worked with Nissan to create an environment that would inspire candidates and make them feel at ease.  We built the design through user research of the candidate needs and behaviours, and as you can see, the walls reflect these patterns.

CX Marketing was involved in the full process, from inception to delivery. We were responsible for all of the design concepts, and the final designs that you can see on the walls. We also liaised with printers to arrange the designs to be printed on to the walls, and even went as far to advise on the furniture layout of the rooms to best showcase their new designs for their candidates. 

New Global Employee Survey Wall Designs for Nissan

The Global Employee Survey is a crucial point in the calendar for Nissan Employee Relations.  Ensuring employees know what they have to do and creating an environment that allows them to answer freely and honestly is vital.  We wanted to create branding that achieved and reflected the importance of this, as we were extremely happy with the oucome.

CX Marketing were again involved in the entire process of this re-design, from inception to delivery, we worked with Nissan to achieve the desired designs, and liaised with local printers to ensure our designs came to life through printing. 

New Agility Skills Room Design for Nissan

Ensuring that candidates are relaxed to perform to the best of their ability in skill testing is a key objective for Nissan in 2018.  Which is why they required an environment that would help navigate a candidate’s way around the test. As well as put them at ease and create an environment where they felt able to ask questions, to promote learning.

In order to make sure we had the perfect design, we observed candidate’s behaviour within the testing environment, to give us some good ideas of their behaviours while testing, we also carried out our own set of tests, so we could provide the best outcome for Nissan.

CX Marketing was involved in all of the designs for the Agility Skills room, and we also liaised with a local printer in order to ensure the designs were printed how we envisioned them.

Nissan Agility Skills room redesign image

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