IT Jobs Everywhere get a new website

IT Jobs Everywhere is a powerful jobs board that required an equally strong identity to reflect its status and ambition with the IT recruitment agency.

The guys at IT Jobs Everywhere came to us at a critical point in their site build.  Faced with a wealth of powerful functionality, it was hard to decide how to best channel this into an intuitive customer-facing interface that users would find easy and attractive to use.


We worked with the business stakeholders to understand the audiences that would be using the site and the questions and barriers that they may be facing.  Probing their knowledge of the users and working to understand the capabilities of the functionality, we wireframed out a series of page templates that would both incorporate a user-focused to both navigation and design.


Once approved, we then translated these draft page templates into fully-designed html, that were delivered to the client’s developer, with whom we worked closely to ensure full integration into the site.

The end result is truly a site design that will help the IT Jobs Everywhere team realise their ambition to be the leading IT Jobs Board in the world.

The project was delivered on time and on budget and we are always happy to see a happy client.

Interested in a website redesign or perhaps a full redevelopment?

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