New on-site identity for the NA College

CX Marketing worked with the NA College to create an environment that would inspire learning and a creative thought process.  We built the new on-site design through user research of the candidate needs and behaviours.  Our client wanted to:

  • Take NA College to the next level as an education provider in the North East through a strong on-site branding
  • Give students a sense of identity and belonging in their training environment
  • Remove first-day nerves and answer common queries within our building surroundings

Our team was involved in the full process, from creation to inception to delivery. We worked within our understanding of the students and their needs to create on-site branding that not only looked awesome, but also helped answer student queries and navigation issues around the college.  We were also involved in the printing process to ensure an excellent finish and application.

Here at CX Marketing, we take the time to get to know the people who will be most affected by any change in design or marketing activity, which in this case was the students.

We worked with the college to find out what inspired the students, what kind of environment they wanted to learn in and where their informational needs lay.  This meant that our designs were borne out of function, not just aesthetics.

We used recognisable images that the students would relate to and engage with, along with success stories of both the college and the students, that would help to inspire and motivate. We also used bright, innovative colours and designs that were reflective of current design patterns that the students would easily relate to.

After working with the NA College and taking the time to understand their vision, we expanded our designs into the cafe and relaxation area, where students came to socialise in between lessons. 

We wanted to continually promote learning and success and continued our new re-branded design into the cafe. We didn’t just want to create a regular place where students came to eat, we wanted to promote learning and inspire passion, which is where our creative concepts came from.

Our team also created new menus for the on-site Cafe that reflected the new branding and included content that we knew would be informative and engaging to those audiences.

Through our user research we had identified the “first day" nerves that come with new educational environments and our content included fun facts and activities to stimulate conversation to help loosen tongues while getting to know each other.

We thoroughly enjoyed working with NA College to produce a completely new look and feel for their on-site experience. We’ve already received some fantastic feedback from their students and look forward to working with them again in the future.

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