In a world where most things start with a search, we think having a robust strategy is the most sensible move you’ll make. We are experienced in both organic (SEO) and paid search and don’t believe in short-term hacks. Instead we implement sound, user-centred search strategies for our clients that drive traffic and build long-term authority with Google.


Keyword strategy is essential. Improving SEO performance takes time and you need to be sure that you are focusing on the right terms for you and your users from day one.

We use a combination of the latest software, tools and our clients’ industry insight to develop robust keyword strategies that give the most potential for traffic generation. Understanding which terms have the greatest potential for traffic and are most relevant to your business at this stage are the foundations of a great search strategy.


There is no hidden secret to writing good content. It boils down to one key concept – relevance. Relevance to user, to keyword, to business and to Google. Often, if you start with the user first, the others will naturally follow.

Being able to combine all of these things is sometimes the tricky part however, and so we only use experienced content writers who know how SEO works and how to develop content from keyword strategies.


Google has to be able to find your site and its pages.

Without this, all of your great work will go to waste. A technical analysis of your site will bring up any issues that may be blocking your site from being found, such as crawl errors, broken links or blocked pages. We then work through these SEO issues and implement fixes and optimisations to ensure that your site is technically sound for search.


Link-building still plays the greatest role in building search authority.

We focus on identifying and targeting good quality, relevant link sites and supplementing this with social and blogging activity that will raise your site’s profile in the eye’s of Google.